8″ Stainless Steel Knob Bonsai Cutter


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5 in stock

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Description: Roshi Stainless Steel Knob Bonsai Cutter
Tool Name: Roshi Stainless Steel Knob Cutter
Part Number: TMS8
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 8.25″

Tool Description: Our stainless steel spherical knob bonsai cutter is an extremely precise, fine cutting tool. The spherical blades allows for the ideal combination of strength and precision, making for a clean ‘biting action’ into the material. These bonsai cutters are designed to cut cleanly into the trunk and branches, and are also ideal for reducing knobs, lumps, or branch stubs. The spherical cutter-head allows for a precise cut, minimizing damage to the surrounding area. The spherical blades create a very strong tool.


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