Bullhorn Acacia Bonsai Tree – wired (root on rock)


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Bullhorn Acacia Bonsai Tree – wired (root on rock) (actual tree for sale shown)

Tree Specs (sizes are approximate)
Height: 11″ (tree only)

Bullhorn acacia is native Australia and Africa and belongs to the same family as the Powder Puff, Brazilian Rain tree, Tamarind among others. This species is known for it’s feathery leaves and thorns. In the wild, the Bullhorn or Swollen-thorn Acacia, has a symbiotic relationship with ants. The tree provides nectar to the ants and the ants protect the tree from invasive plants and pests. The ants also reside in the thorns which become hollow with age. Leaves close at night or when heat stressed.

Plant Facts

Botanical Name: Acacia Cornigera
Family: liguminosae/Fabaceae
Hardiness Zones: 10 – 11


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